SPLIT - 2012
inner tubes, wire, modified wooden sticks, ropes, puleys - 35m2 (variable dimensions)
at enblanco

For the occasion, an edition of 35 lino-prints on japanese paper + 5 artists´prints has been made.

(on sale at enblanco)

press release by Bettina Wenzel :
Like a drawing in space, lines of black rubber stretch throughout the room. The installation as an obstacle – this is one of the key-characteristics of Pierre-Etienne Morelle’s work.
His performance on the opening night underlines this aspect and serves as a link between architecture, installation, object and sculpture.
Wooden poles will be set in the space, kept in place through the pressure of the rubber straps and the right angle.
Suddenly, this unstable structure collapses, leaving no trace of the performance as the installation jumps back into its previous form.
In its abruptness and shortness the exhibition title SPLIT anticipates the hard and fast moment of collapse the performance culminates in.
And this moment is crucial – Morelle describes the ‘fall as a posture, almost a sculpture’ in its force and finality.

Obstructing both view and movement across the room, the installation forces the exhibition visitors to negotiate new ways through the space, with a new risk:
the rubber straps seem stretched until capacity and additional tension might make them rupture, any imbalance might bring disintegration.

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