Leonces´Traum - 2011
PVC pipe, mirrors - 1,70 x 0,20 x 0,30m

In act one of ‘‘Leonce und Lena’’ (Georg Büchners´play) Leonce, bored to death, spend his time counting grain of sand or searching for optical mechanisms to look at the back of his head.
For the specific set up of the exhibition ‘‘Solos 2’’ in Ozean (Atelierhof Kreuzberg) i made a periscopal system out of 3 mirrors that allow the viewer watching himself through the hole.

During SOLOS II at Ozean (Atelierhof Kreuzberg) - Berlin

with : Carla Åhlander - David Edward Allen - Lucio Auri - Olivia Berckemeyer Christophe de Rohan Chabot - Markus Draper - Stella Geppert - Eveline van de Griend - Johannes Gruber
Lisa Herfeldt - Jeroen Jacobs - Stephanie Keitz - Karin Lind - Pierre Etienne Morelle - Antonia Nordmann - Hester Oerlemans - Kirsten Palz - Maria Roosen - Guillaume Sarda
Daniel Segerberg - Martin Sommer - Philip Topolovac - Bernd Trasberger - Geerten Verheus - Suse Weber - Gernot Wieland