#s1 div {width: 100%;}‘Bivouac - in Search of the Mount Analogue’ - 2013
#s1 div {width: 100%;}Performance: 20 min. Preparation: 24 H.
#s1 div {width: 100%;}Dimensions: 3m 40 x 7m 50

#s1 div {width: 100%;}In a long-term and constraining process, Pierre-Étienne Morelle drilled a drawing into the highest space of the gallery that permits him to climb the wall.
#s1 div {width: 100%;}Suspended in between its two floors, the artist installed a bivouac including objects essential for his survival (water, camping stove, noodles...)
#s1 div {width: 100%;}in order to prepare for his rise to the top : a physical endurance test related to the inaccessible rise of a mountain ridge, referencing the unfinished book
#s1 div {width: 100%;}of René Daumal, ‘Le Mont Analogue’, (1944).
#s1 div {width: 100%;}‘Bivouac – in Search of the Mount Analogue’ is performed in relation to ‘Analogue’, sort of a model frame of the wall itself, which is currently exhibited in the gallery space.

#s1 div {width: 100%;}at L´Atelier during ‘DISPLAYING THE INSTANT’ curated by Stefania Angelini and Judith Lavagna

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