Stepping up the pressure - video (dv-pal B&W) - 2'20'' - 2005
+ Pen and ink sketch 33 x 95 cm

@ Castle of Azay le Rideau - Fr.
co-produced by Images au Centre

Parodic tribute to Jules Etienne Marey’s scientific photographs as an hydro-flight.
"Faire monter la pression" is a slow sub-marine traveling,which displays a diver walking at the bottom of a swimming pool.
His wetsuit is inflated with air until the lead ballast becomes too light to keep the diver deep down. The air pressure leads him on the surface.

Press :Photos nouvelles issue nr. 35, September/October 2005 - p.47 (pdf)

special thank : Louis Bouquet & Rémi Herbin of Subaquatic Center of Nantes (CSN) and Pierre Sanner